• Annie Hurwich

San Juan De Dios - The ultimate food experience in Guadalajara!

Some of the best eats can be found in less frequented parts of the world by tourists, and often in destinations that cater to a niche tourism market.

The best thing about traveling to less touristy destinations is the authenticity and uniqueness found in the local cuisine. With no particular market to cater and appeal to, Guadalajara offers some of the best Mexican cuisine I've experienced, enabling a truly authentic food experience.

During my last visit I had the opportunity to check out Latin America's largest indoor market, "San Juan De Dios". If it's one thing I look forward to the most when traveling, it's definitely the markets as its easy to find yourself immersing into the local culture simply by the smells, sights, and sense of community that the vendors have with one and other.

What destinations have you been to that offer similar experiences such as these cool markets? Let me know!

Annie Hurwich

Annie Hurwich

Annie Hurwich

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