• Annie Hurwich

Reminiscing on Travel, and all the tasty eats!

As an avid lover of travel, this global pandemic has me reminiscing on last years trip to Playa Del Carmen and has me pining to know when I'll be able to explore other fascinating places in the world once things begin to normalize again. Having traveled to many different parts of Mexico over the years, my favourite eats are always found in the "less touristy" places such as Guadalajara. It was my first trip to Guadalajara, back in 2017 where I experienced my first authentic taco. There is something to be said for simplicity in the realm of taste. A grilled corn tortilla with a couple basic ingredients comes to life when prepared properly.

One of the highlights from my travels there was to a restaurant called "Santo Coyote", where they make your salsa table-side, using locally fresh ingredients such as chiles, garlic and fresh tomatoes.

What are your thoughts on traveling right now? Would you travel during a pandemic to experience something exciting?

Looking at this picture has me wondering when I'll return..

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