• Annie Hurwich

A Taste of Israel

Those who know me know how much I love Israel. During my first trip in 2015 I was able to cultivate friendships with some of the best people I've ever met, and while they all live in varying parts of the world, Israel brought us together and we continue to stay connected, many years later.

When we think of Jewish cuisine, Matzo Ball Soup and Latkes are usually what comes to mind. However, Jewish cuisine is so, so much more than that.

Israel offers a melting pot of diversified flavours, bringing Jewish traditional cuisine from all over the world and offering it in one place.

Weather your family is of Ashkenazi decent traditionally cooking recipes inclusive of Eastern European variations of common staples, or if you're of Mizrahi, Sephardic, or encompass any other ethno-judaic traditions when it comes to food, you'll find the tastes of your roots in Israel.

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